Tree Folk Story

I have not been writing much. The pills I take make language difficult. I have what is called “tip-of-the-tongue” syndrome and have trouble getting the right word. I sold my mystery story that I wrote in October on the first try, so I still have some skills. The language of the story is a little less colorful than I’d like, but the plot works.
I saw another market open up for stories that are similar to one that I’ve got kicking around in my back-brain. I think that I want to sit down and make an outline for it and maybe try to write it. The story isn’t too complicated and may be short. The story venue has a minimum of 2,500 words. I probably can make that with a little push. My stories are usually 3,500 to 5,000 words, but, like I say, I am not confident in my writing ability.
I’ll sit down in the office (where I have the good keyboard) and see what I can do. Maybe nothing, but we’ll see.

Here is the description of the story anthology. It only pays $25, but I don’t think I can produce a $500 story right now. A sale is a sale.

Gonna talk about writing for a second.
As an editor and practitioner, I am of the school that believes that every word in a story needs to have a specific reason for being there, and that the writer should ‘control’ that.
Anything less denotes a lack of craft mastery, to me.
That doesn’t mean that every ‘that’ must go away, or that mss HAVE to be as pared-down as possible (though I like that, especially when paying by the word), but that there must be ‘purpose’.
Creation of effect should be ‘intentional’, and it is not a substitute for story.
This by way of reminding you that open subs for The Dark Heart of the Wood (OM Folk, vol 2) begin March 1. The sub period is sixty days.
We are looking for folk horror, especially that which is off the beaten path or advances the concept in some way. 2500-5500 words prose, 25$. Poetry also acceptable at negotiable pay rate.
We are limiting to 15 slots this time around.
Submit to: [email protected]

note: I wrote a pretty comprehensive outline. It is about 800 words and I added some interesting ideas as I wrote it. I will try to write the story this week. The snow will keep me in the house. I am now worried that I might make the story too long just to fit in the ideas that I’ve come up with.
If I can sell the story, sometimes the editor sends me a PDF of the anthology. Watch here and if he does ask me to send you a copy. My rich friends will have to pay the 10 bucks for a copy, but friends, relatives and blues players can get a freebie.