Converting my Luggable - Costs

I need some adapters for my luggable conversion.

The portable PC has a an old style PC keyboard. I need to convert that to USB using a Soarer’s cable. $45.00

I need to power the Raspberry Pi using the internal molex connector. These were used to power hard disks and floppies. This is an inexpensive cable that just connects the lines. $15.00

I need a USB adapter for a 3-1/2 inch floppy. I don’t really need a floppy drive, but I need it for authenticity. $25.00

I also need a Raspberry Pi. I need one with a composite av video output to run the orange screen. This is like a an old black & white TV. The newer Pi’s have the composite output. Raspberry Pi Model 4 B. $50

I want a front panel that has USB ports so I can load data onto the Pi without taking the case apart. $25.00

Total $160.00


I decided not to do the floppy drive and replace that with a drawer that can hold the Pi. Cost a little less, but I am not sure.

I decided to rewire the PC power supply to put a receptacle inside the box and use a PI branded power supply, Add $10.00

The PI 4 does not work well with composite. I can buy a box that converts HDMI to composite. Add $20

Figure $200 for a PI Luggable.

I am up to $190. I might wait for the PI 5.0 to do this. I will be buying two of everything because I have two 5155 luggables. Neither one works. Non-working ones go for $200. Working ones go for $450.

Figure each box goes for $300 plus $200 plus $100 labor and I might be able to sell them for $600 if I want.