Responsive Theme for Flatpress

Flatpress is an old blogging system. It has very few features and will run without any problems on most hosting services. Some hosting companies offer it as an automated installation. Since at 7 years it is very old, I am a little concerned that it has security issues and other bugs, but I took the chance.
I chose Flatpress because WordPress became way too complicated and I needed an old fashioned blog to use like a diary, but without all the headaches. The “themes” that come with Flatpress are all old-fashioned styles with fixed font sized measured in pixels. They look just awful on cell phones so I modified one of the standard themes.
I didn’t like the results that I got, and after some searching I found a “responsive” style theme for Flatpress. The bad thing was that it used a Germanic block font for the headings, but that was easy to fix. It is still using some “pixel” measurements for some elements, but it mostly works. I will continue to tweak it as I find things that annoy me.
I am using it for entries with limited interest to anyone other than myself (like this entry). General interest posts will still go on Facebook.
I will continue looking for simple blogging software, but this is good enough, if not perfect.